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F.A.S.T. Speed & Agility Games

Developed by Steve Preston

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What Is The F.A.S.T. Speed & Agility Games?

If you’re a Coach or Trainer who works with youth athletes or a parent of youth athletes, you know how much they love to play. Kids learn through playing. That’s why kids love to play games. Games are an opportunity for coaches, trainers and parents to have your youth athletes improve their long-term athleticism to maximize sports potential.

It doesn’t matter if you have 6 year old little athletes, middle school or high school athletes... Games are the key to building complete athletes that are faster, quicker, and stronger for sports.

The key is to create the right types of games to improve sports performance while building teamwork. If you have your athletes play games that develop their overall athleticism after practice or workouts, they will actually get better at their sport!


Get 10 Games for Agility and Speed!

Now don’t get me wrong, you just can’t have them play some random, non-effective game (think Duck - Duck - Goose). Instead, you need to have them play games that improve their speed, balance, coordination, quickness, power, strength, flexibility and cardio.

If you have the imagination or resources to come up with effective “athlete-specific” games to increase their athleticism, good for you!

But if you don’t have the background knowledge or creativity to come up with effective games, we have something for you...

The F.A.S.T Speed and Agility Games manual is a collection of 10 simple to learn games that focus on increasing overall athleticism in youth athletes. These 10 games are easy to set up and require very little equipment too.

You’ll have a blueprint of games that prepare your athletes to become better, stronger and faster.

If you want to make the difference in how good your youth athletes can be you need to grab your copy of the F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility Games Manual TODAY! It’s only $37.


You have nothing to lose! Try our risk-free F.A.S.T. Speed & Agility Games TODAY!

To your speed, strength and athleticism,
Steve Preston - Sports Performance Specialist

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