Attention: Coaches, Parents, and Trainers

Struggling To Increase Speed & Agility
In Young Athletes?

“Discover How To Increase Speed and Agility
Using Fun and Effective Drills/Games That Will
Keep Them Motivated To Stick With Their Program!”

Dear Coaches, Parents and Trainers,

Do you want a system to develop more speed and agility in ALL your athletes?

Are you looking for a system that will develop consistency and motivation in your youth athletes training?

I’d like to share with you a system that will help youth athletes increase speed, agility, and athleticism.

But first, you need to answer a few questions...

Does your team get beat because they aren’t quick enough to compete with faster teams and athletes?

Are you having difficulty getting athletes to practice or workout consistently due to lack of motivation?

Do you lack the knowledge and experience to develop a solid program that will keep your kids motivated AND deliver the results in speed and agility?

Do you struggle with not having enough training time?

Are you afraid of doing too much and burning them out?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, don’t worry... It’s not your fault!

Top 3 Mistakes Made When
Attempting To Increase
Speed & Agility With Young Athletes

Mistake #1: Training Youth Athletes Like Adults

The biggest mistake coaches, parents and trainers make is trying to have youth athletes perform training programs designed for professional athletes...

Their intentions are good... but they are being misled into thinking that a young athlete should use the same training system as an older athlete or a professional. BIG MISTAKE!

Youth athletes ARE NOT miniature adults.  They are growing and maturing rapidly and need a training system that is designed to enhance  speed, quickness and overall athleticism...

They do not need a specialized program that a professional athlete uses.

Mistake #2: Not Making Practice or Training Fun

If you want to get more results from practices or training with young athletes you have to make them fun, challenging and interesting.  

Unlike adult athletes who can follow a grueling practice or workout regimen, a developing athlete needs mental stimulation. They need game-like fun to stay on task and get the best results from their speed and agility training.

Challenges that provide variety while at the same time addressing strengths and weaknesses…

Will keep your athletes motivated to show up and do their best.  It’s a win-win for both athletes and coaches.

Mistake #3: Using Long Runs As Conditioning

One of the worst things you can do for developing athletes is send them for long jogs to condition them.  Even worse, coaches send players for long jogs as a means of punishment or a penalty for losing.  

Are you kidding me?  

Long jogs for conditioning are the worst thing you can do with your athletes.

Unless they are cross-country runners this will do nothing more than impede overall speed and agility gains. It’s a terrible way to condition for sports.

A much better idea is to get your youth athletes into sports condition while increasing their speed, agility and athleticism at the same time.  This is easy to do when you know how

So many coaches, trainers and parents make these mistakes because they simply don’t know any better.

That’s why I decided to put together a system that any coach, parent or trainer can use to increase speed and agility in youth athletes while keeping them motivated.


F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility System

Jump-Start Speed and Agility In Youth Athletes!

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POWERED BY: F.A.S.T. Systems

Foundational-Athletic-Sports-Training Systems

This is a collection of speed and agility games/drills designed exclusively for youth athletes to increase speed and quickness while developing long-term athleticism.

The best part is that developing athletes will be motivated and work hard because they’re having fun doing it!

Imagine being able to get kids excited to workout and practice leading to developing more speed and quickness.

Imagine how many more wins, success and fun they’ll have!

Our F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility System is designed to do just that…

It’s a fundamental speed and agility program for youth athletes that has been proven to be effective.  

This speed and agility system works for all ages.  These are tried and true speed and agility drills and games that work for any athlete...

But they are best for athletes in elementary school, middle school or high school.

You won’t need to have a huge facility or a ton of equipment either.  Most of these speed and agility games and drills can be done with minimal or no equipment in a gym, on a field or a backyard.

The key to getting results when training youth athletes is getting them to enjoy the process and stick with it!

When they are motivated and happy about something they will work hard to achieve goals and develop an internal drive!  

This program includes drills and games that provide fun challenges to keep young athletes motivated and making progress.

You can go scour the internet in hopes of stumbling across a system or series of drills, exercises and games that will work for developing athletes.  It will take time!

Be careful about what is effective and what is just a time-waster.  Or you can listen to 2 of the top youth coaches/trainers in the nation...

Who Are We And
Why Should You Listen To Us?

Steve Preston is a Sports Performance Specialist and Physical Education Steve PrestonTeacher.  

He has taught, coached and trained over 10,000 students and athletes.  He's a former world-class powerlifter with a Junior World Record Bench Press and he's trained athletes ranging from 6 years old to the NFL.  

For over 30 years Steve has specialized in training youth athletes to increase strength, speed and conditioning results, always with a strong focus on keeping students motivated.

I'm a former NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Champion.  I've coached 13 straight High School State Champion Wrestling Teams.  I have used drills like this to get kids hooked on sports and rapidly develop them in my championship program.

Daryl WeberSteve and I have collaborated to put together this program to help coaches, parents and trainers of youth athletes increase the speed and agility of their youth athletes.

We have specifically designed this program to be effective and fun for athletes…

One of major goals with this program is to make it attractive to young and developing athletes, so you can attract more athletes, retain them and keep them motivated!

We’ve  provided a blueprint of ‘done-for-you’ speed drills and games to take the guesswork out of training.

Why The F.A.S.T.
Speed & Agility System?

The F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility System is a library of drills and games designed to increase speed, agility, coordination and balance in youth athletes of all ages and skill levels.

It is designed specifically to keep young athletes engaged and excited to attend workouts through rapid results and proper programming…

It’s designed to increase participation, retention, motivation, and confidence in the athlete’s abilities.

The F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility System delivers results now!

Every day, without this program can lead to less development in speed and agility for athletes. Athletes have a very limited amount of training time…

That they'll never get back!

Without a program designed to attract, retain and motivate athletes you run the risk of losing students through boredom and burnout.

70% Of Kids Quit Organized Sports
By The Age Of 13!*

It’s sad but true...

Most youth athletes never reach their athletic potential… They quit by age 13.  

If you can increase speed and agility along with motivation and work ethic, you’ll  change their lives!

Using systems proven to work, they see quick results in sports speed and quickness

Experience quicker success and more of it…

Leading to less boredom, retaining more athletes and keeping them motivating

Ultimately building more confident and athletic students for life!

The F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility System will do just that.  It will give you a simple plan for building speed and agility along with motivation in your youth athletes.

You’ll have a blueprint for turning practices or training sessions into productive, results-producing sessions that you can be proud of.

Here’s What's Inside!

Online Exercise & Drill Videos

You’ll have a video library of the speed drills and ladder drills.  

A private tutorial with a simple to follow explanation for each and every speed-boosting drill.  

View these on your smartphone for a quick reference during training or practice sessions.

Speed and Cone Drills

You’ll have some of the best speed and agility drills and games for youth athletes.  You’ll have motivating, fun drills and games.

These are the 15 best drills designed to develop the specific muscles needed to increase speed and agility with a focus on developing long-term athleticism...

Discover a healthy, fun combination of cone drills for developing an athlete’s ability to change direction while stabilizing muscles in the hips and ankles for increased sports performance and reduction of non-impact sports injuries.

Ladder Drills & Series

You’ll get our favorite 18 ladder speed drills presented in 3 progressive complete series.

These progressive ladder drills are proven to increase foot speed and power output in both the upper and lower body for complete game day preparedness.  

Your ladder drills are carefully explained in the video tutorials.  View them in slow motion how to execute them...

and why they are important.  It’s a total speed series that will help your youth athletes build power, speed and explosive movement during games.

Speed and Agility Games

You’ll get a bunch of speed and agility developing games. They are motivating and fun for your youth athletes...

These aren’t your typical playground games either.  These are a combination of carefully selected games that help supercharge any practice or training session by adding strength, speed, agility, conditioning and even sports specific skills training.  

The best part is that  youth athletes will get better and better while having fun.  They are a great way to build team unity and sportsmanship as well.

Instructional Video Tutorials Covering “Best Practices”

It’s like having your own private Sports Performance Coach guiding you through the system.  

No stone is left unturned...

We created the program in an easy format that makes it perfect for coaches, trainers or parents.

Dynamic Warmup Exercises & Series

You’ll have access to our youth speed and agility dynamic exercises and complete warmup series.  

Designed to increase mobility, decrease injury and prepare for success.

This carefully designed warmup series builds athletic speed and strength, making it a perfect way to begin any practice or training session.

Anytime Online Members Access

Our members area gives you access to all parts of this amazing youth speed and agility program.  

You’ll be able to use the PDF files, video tutorials, video tips, games and drills any time.  Our members page is set up so that you can locate whatever element of the program you’d like to with ease.

The Biggest Reason To Act Now
(I just added this amazing bonus)

If you’re one of the next 50 people to request The Speed & Agility System for FREE, you’ll also get 14 days of FREE ACCESS to my exclusive Youth Athlete Training Academy.

Why do just the next 50 people get this opportunity?

Like I mentioned before, I and my team have killed ourselves to put together the perfect resource for coaches, parents and athletes of any age, skill level or sport to find complete resources and advice in all the most important areas of development for youth athletes and programs.

This academy is designed to give any club, youth team, middle school, high school team or athletes the ultimate edge in overall development of the mind and body for sports and beyond.

So with all that said, I think you can tell that this is our baby and we don't just want to hand it all over for free to everyone.  We want this to be an interactive community with only members that are serious about developing athletes.

That's why only the next 50 get this special bonus.

What’s in the Youth Athlete Training Academy?

JUST ONE of the amazing features of my Youth Athlete Training Academy is you get to ask your questions, about your specific situation, to me and my team of coaching experts, DIRECTLY in our private community center. Second, you get access to countless mini courses.  These are easy-to-consume and use training courses on everything from fundraising, goal setting, dealing with parents, how to motivate youth today, parents dealing with coaches and much more. Honestly, there are too many to list out here...

We also post routine interviews with expert coaches from many different sports and specialties.  These experts are asked 3-5 focused questions that bring out their best expertise with easy to use action steps.  You won't just listen to some veteran coach or PhD ramble on and talk over your head... We make sure to pull out their best tips and show you how use them today!

What are the other features? Too many to keep listing here! But I do want to be sure you know that free, for 14 days, you are going to get access to some of the most proven expert coaching strategies in existence!  All designed by championship coaches that aren't just guessing... but they have proven them to work time and time again.

After the 14-day trial period, you’ll continue to have access to the Youth Athlete Training Academy, with new modules, content, interviews, workouts, and more, available to you every month, all for a small monthly investment of just $47. To avoid credit card charges, you can cancel your access before the end of your 14-day free trial period by emailing us at and we will process your request, no questions asked.

yes let me in

In Case You're Still Not Sure...

Don't Worry, I'm Willing To Take All The Risk With My...

60-Day “Athlete Factory Guarantee”

Here’s the guarantee:

Try the system for 60 days – two full months. That’s long enough to go through an entire cycle of the system modules.

After two months, you must not only be completely satisfied with the “The Speed & Agility System”

You must also agree wholeheartedly that it will revolutionize the way your train your athletes, and can transform your program into a legitimate “Athlete Factory”…

If you don't agree, we will refund every penny of your purchase price.

Use the “The Speed & Agility System” for a full 60 days, then if for any reason – or no reason at all – you’re not completely satisfied, just email to let Daryl and Steve know, your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded.

All the risk is on the “The Speed & Agility System” to deliver the goods, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Even if you forget to cancel the membership to the Youth Athlete Training Academy and within 60 days you decide it's not for you, we'll refund all the academy charges as well.

We understand people get busy and we don't want your money unless you are getting the most out of this awesome resource.

So rest assured, we are not going to stick you with something you don't want.

I think you’ll agree that you’re not going to find a more fair deal than that.

So, How Much Does This Amazing
Speed And Agility For
Youth Athletes System Cost?

To train with us personally would be an investment of at least $150/hour.  Unfortunately, neither Daryl or I provide many one-on-one coaching sessions these days...

Due to other obligations and tight schedules.  

That’s why we created this online, downloadable, easy-to-follow system for coaches, parents and trainers who want to build speed and agility.  

If you add up all of the hours spent creating the best system possible it could easily sell for $197 and that would be over 30% off the total value!  

But we want to have this speed and agility training system in the hands of as many serious parents, coaches and trainers as possible because we believe in the success of young, aspiring athletes.

So, today ONLY your investment into the F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility System is...


That’s right…
I Just Ask You To Help Me Out And Pay Shipping & Handling

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Online Exercise & Drills Video Library ($97 value)

PDF’s explaining drills and games ($37 value)

Speed and Cone Drills ($47 value)

Ladder Drills Series ($47 value)

Speed and Agility Games ($47 value)

Dynamic Warm-up Exercises & Series ($17 value)

Youth Athlete Academy ($47 value)

Total Value = $339

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We Just Ask That You Help Us Out
With Shipping & Handling

Why Am I Giving This Away For FREE?

Two reasons:

REASON #1 -- I want you to be my customer for as long as you need the kinds of products I make. My Dad taught me something a long time ago - he said, “If you add more value, give more, and care more than anyone else, you will have more loyal customers than you can handle, and they will stay with you forever!” So, as often as I can, I will try to give very valuable programs to you for as close to free as possible, so you’ll know that I care more, I add more value to your life, and I give more than anyone else.

REASON #2 -- I truly believe the Complete Speed & Agility Training System can be a game changer for coaches, parents and athletes everywhere!  It worked amazingly well in my record-setting championship program and it has worked so well for 1000's that have used it... I want to take down as many barriers as possible to get it in your hands, so you can see for yourself.  It is my personal and professional goal to pass on the knowledge I have been blessed to gain over the years to as many as possible and this seems like a fantastic opportunity to show you what how I can help you.

What's the catch?

There is a small catch here.

I know that this program is going to give any coach, parent or athlete an amazing foundation and boost in their training and/or coach BUT...

I also know that it should be just the beginning...

To tap into the fullest PHYSICAL & MENTAL potential of athletes of any age...

It takes fantastic mentoring!

You need to continually educate yourself on the best training strategies, coaching tips and always be listening to the brightest minds in the game.

But who has time to read book after book, listen to countless podcasts or learn through trial and error?

That is why I have put together the special bonus of including a two-week trial of Youth Athlete Academy.

I want you to see the ultimate resource we have to offer and that could change more careers than anything I've seen out there.

Don't worry, it won't cost you a thing to try when you get in on this special deal.

I am excited to get this out to as many people as possible, because I and my team of experts have put a ton of time into creating this...

We have literally sent the last several years designing it and decades proving the systems!

Listen to What The Experts Have To Say...

Dr. Caroline Silby

Your background is so interesting coming both from the athlete side and the coaching side at that elite level, it’s really phenomenal how you’ve made use of strategies and skills that you’ve learned as an athlete and then plugged them into your coaching and mentoring of young people.  It’s cool!

Dr. Caroline Silby Sports Psychology
Mike Kuchar

I’d love to develop a relationship [with you]. It was a pleasure meeting you, and hopefully we can continue to talk. You know coaching is coaching regardless of the sport, as you know, so I’d love to pick your brain eventually at some point.

Mike Kuchar Co-Founder and Senior Research for X and O Labs
Joey Myers

My big task for coaches is to be open-minded, and think about it. Ask questions. Question what you’ve learned, what you’ve been taught. And try to find different people, like you [Daryl Weber] in wrestling or really ANY coach that is doing great things with their athletes… asking those questions, ‘What are the top 10 mistakes that coaches can make?’. Those kinds of questions need to be asked or else we get stuck in our thinking.

Joey Myers Co-Founder Hitting Performance Labs
Sam Weinman

Sounds like you’re doing great things. I’m grateful that you are.

Sam Weinman Author of the book: “Win at Losing”