How Top Coaches Unlock
Speed, Agility, Power, Quickness & Strength
REGARDLESS of “Natural Ability”
Producing Jaw Dropping Results
In EVERY Athlete!

Discover How Anyone Can Systematically Breed
Quick, Strong & Well Conditioned Athletes With Zero Coaching Experience

Best Part: This "Little Known" Tactic Has Been Proven To
Inspire Dedication, Eliminating Burnout and Dramatically Reducing Injuries
In Athletes Of ALL Sports, Ages and Experience Levels

Let Me Reveal A Simple Training Strategy
Only The Best Coaches Understand & Use

Coach Daryl Weber here,

I Coached A Record Setting Youth & High School Program to 14 Consecutive H.S. State Championships and...

Today I want to show you the #1 training secret that all the top coaches in “talent hotbeds” of every sport use to rapidly develop ALL their athletes no matter how much "so-called" talent they have...

And how using this training system today's youth athlete can develop a life long winning attitude that so many struggle to grasp these days...

You’ll discover how myself, my superstar mentors and every top program I studied across all sports, got the most out of every athlete, won more than the competition and sent droves of athletes on to college with sports scholarships.

I was an NCAA Champion and 3x All-American wrestler for the legendary coach, Dan Gable at the University of Iowa…

I took what I learned from my time under Coach Gable and coached my high school wrestling program to, a state record (for any sport in VA), 14 consecutive team state championships and produced countless college scholarship athletes…

While coaching high school sports I studied the perennial powerhouses in all sports (football, baseball, soccer, track, etc...) and saw one common theme in all of these great programs…

I used this system to stay on top year after year and have been teaching this system to coaches, parent and athletes of all sports for the past 15 years

Here is what Coach Gable said about the training systems I've been providing:

"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing athletes, coaches and parents.  These in-depth training resources remind me of what I studied as an athlete and coach. One can enhance their knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work." - Dan Gable Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

If you put to use what I am going to present to you today, you’ll see athletes regardless of the sport, age or experience level...

Develop at a “jaw-dropping” pace, dramatically reduce sports related injuries over entire careers as well as ignite with passion, drive and commitment like never before.

Top Coaches Don’t
Wait For The Athletes To Show Up…
They Systematically Breed Athleticism!

Developing overall athleticism in every athlete is what leads to "powerhouse programs" blowing the doors off the competition year after year

Every great coaching mentor taught me to develop a proven and easy to follow system that consistently propelled athletes to “THEIR” next level of physical and mental development…

They didn’t just sit around waiting for “The Athletes” to show up…

They MADE athletes of everyone they coached!

We’ve all seen it…

Some kid comes into practice and dominates athletes that have been a part of the program for years…

They either have exceptional athleticism or mental toughness!

Those that believe this type of skill and mental development are only God-given and can't be taught are missing the boat… BIG TIME!

Actually that type of lazy coaching... where you write off kids before their given a chance to blossom just pisses me off!

The instant success these newbies attain off their "so-called" natural abilities only shows…

The importance of systematically developing these attributes in EVERY athlete…

Granted, some will start a little tougher or faster BUT if great programs and coaches understand that...

...every athlete on a team is a link in a chain and ignoring one athlete because they don't have "talent" dramatically weakens that chain (your team).

That's why coaches must have a program in place that will give each athlete what they need to constantly LEVEL UP!

I call this an “Athlete Factory”

The best programs are like factories that constantly build overall athleticism, mental strength and confidence in each athlete…

With that base, they mix in the right amount of sport-specific skill development and competition and they always keep the athlete factory running in the background.

Any coach or parent can use the program I am going to present to you to create their own “athlete factory”...

Systematically leveling up their athletes physically and mentally, day after day… month after month and year after year!

You don’t have to be a coach with decades of experience and you can use this program with a small group of athletes, a team or an entire program…

Even if you are a volunteer coach or parent wanting to help their child and have zero athletic background.

A “System” Done Without Fancy Equipment
Is Fun, Progressive, Quick and Ignites Passion!

Over the years, I've seen some crazy stuff!

Well intentioned coaches or parents, unwillingly, setting young athletes up for failure with outdated training and mis-guided information…

Too many tell themselves: “I remember what my coach used to do with our teams… I’ll use that” or...

I can jump on Youtube and find some good drills for my athletes”, just remember…

There’s a lot of responsibility taken on when you decide to train young athletes…

Young athletes have very limited training time and if it’s not used properly their lack of success and frustration can lead to quitting before they ever have a chance or even worse injury…

Youth athletes dropping out of sports from burn out and acquiring unnecessary sports related injuries from overtraining and poor programs has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S.

Most lazy folks want to blame the quitting and lack of motivation on some generational BS, but they are wrong!

Go into any program with a great coach and you won’t hear that coach whining about how “kids are different these days”...

Rather you’ll find hard working young athletes just as tough as kids were 20, 30, 40, 50+… years ago…

These coaches understand how to properly balance the development of an overall athlete, competition and sport specific training…

They also understand the pitfalls from over-emphasizing competitions too soon and focusing on too much sport specific training before the proper athletic base has been laid.

I want to put into your hands, today, a program that will reveal an easy to follow system for better mobility, flexibility, coordination, strength, speed etc…In ALL your athletes!

A program that will make them all less prone to injury throughout their entire sports career and is fantastic for developing long-term mental toughness.

Even if you think your athletes can’t commit and have no dedication, this program has been proven to spark interest and commitment in even the most unmotivated athletes…

They’ll learn the value of hard work while developing more and more confidence as they progress...

It doesn’t matter what sport it is, how old an athlete is, what gender they are or how much athletic experience they have.

Results Will Happen So Quickly You’ll
Make A Believer Out Of Anyone in No Time

Before I get into the specifics of the program I want to point out how quickly you’ll see results…

After using this 15-20 minute training system just 1-2 times, you’ll see your athletes moving quicker, more fluid and with greater speed…

Muscles and joints will be getting strong rather than tore down and beat up…

You’ll see more energy and excitement in your athletes at practice…

Parents will be so happy that coaches will have no “buy-in” issues… even from the ex-athlete parent that is always second guessing the coaches choices and confusing their athlete…

Coaches that are "set in their ways" and seldom want advice will only need to use this workout 1-2 times and will fall in love with the results they're getting…

Heck, they can even claim that it was their program and take all the credit…

It’s all about the kids here, my friend.

Simple Progressive Training Sequence To

Unlocking Extraordinary Athletic Potential and
Producing Shocking Performance Gains
Like The Top Coaches In Your Sport

All the confusion and second guessing that comes with trying to piece together a winning training program….

Will come into focus, as easy as putting on the right pair of glasses, when you see our program.

Kids that can barely walk and chew gum will be moving like veteran athletes!

Athletes that used to show up once a week will be there every workout trying to level up with fierce competitiveness!

Coaches and parents that watch your athletes compete will say “what the heck have you been doing with these kids…. The gains are amazing!

When I set out to design this program I wanted to leave nothing to chance!

So I wanted to take the programs that worked for me and many others to a leading expert in the field of sports training…

That’s where my long time friend Dr. Craig Stover came into the picture.

Dr. Stover (Craig) has been working in the field of Sports Performance for well over 20 years…

He has worked with NFL players/teams, many different D1 teams/athletes, Olympic athletes, bodybuilders and much more…

He is a former two-sport college athlete and has extensive training in sports injury/muscle management which...

Gives him an edge in training & treating athletes, with an understanding that many doctors, coaches and professional trainers do not possess when it comes to sports training/issues.

The crazy part is, when I reached out to recruit the help of my friend of over 20 years, he had already developed the exact program I was looking for!

He had been training his son and a large group of friends as well as some local teams for years with this system...

He told me how his athletes were acquiring practically zero injuries, making incredible gains of speed and strength and constantly recruiting more and more local athletes to join their high energy training group...

His athletes were loving the training and seeing tremendous gains!

I had to check it out!

He walked me through the program and I instantly recognized the brilliance behind it...

Their was zero BS... It was simple, easy and ultra effective... I LOVED IT!!!

It was exactly what I was looking for…

Three Phases Needed For
Overall Athletic Development

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Phase:

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) has been proven to be the safest form of stretching before training and competition. AIS not only stretches the muscles and tissues, but prepares the muscles for the action by activating and warming them up. AIS has the great advantage of getting impressive results in flexibility and mobility in a very short amount of time. Most top trainers and coaches believe a failure to include AIS in regular training will sabotage the results of any training program


  • Increased Joint Mobility & Muscle Flexibility
  • Better Alignment & Posture
  • Less Injuries from Training & Competition
  • More Explosive Muscle Development
  • Stronger Ligaments and Joints
  • Assists in Conversion of Strength To Power
  • Fascia Stretching

Movement & Prep Activation:

Integrating proper movement and activation exercises and drills into your training has been proven to produce serious benefits in both injury prevention and performance in athletes. With this technique, we're targeting the movements and muscles that are most important to sports and activate them through waking up the central nervous system and reinforcing the proper movement patterns. The routine use of a well designed movement and activation prep routine lays the internal hardwiring needed to boost athleticism in athletes of all levels and experience.


  • Neuromuscular Programming: Hardwiring the body to naturally move fluid and athletically
    Less Injuries
  • Develop natural athletic movement, produce fast twitch muscle activation and essential multi-directional core movement patterns that will instantly enhance overall athletic performance while easily harnessed into sport specific gains as well.
  • Exercises designed for specific sports related flexibility that dramatically help in long term stability and health of your athletes.
  • Excellent strength and conditioning that easily integrates into any practice or strength session that will also produce dramatic gains in both acceleration and deceleration in your athletes.

Athletic Literacy:

The lack of athletic literacy in children worldwide is an epidemic. Athletic Literacy is a basic capability to move athletically that leads to more confidence and ultimately more motivation, grit and toughness in athletes. Each athlete’s potential is unique but the pursuit to continually progress physically, emotionally and mentally through proper sports training is something everyone can do. Increasing one's athletic literacy creates a cycle where gains leading to an increase in overall athleticism and performance can be experienced by all. Top coaches understand the snowball effect created by increasing athletic literacy and leverage this to consistently level up all of their athletes.

This program is designed as the perfect supplement to any sports training that will spark interest, boost player development and lead to the confidence needed for young athletes to "fall in love" with the idea of practices and believing in the process of becoming better through sports.


The Ultimate 18

Unlock Massive “Talent” In Every Athlete

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The Secret Sauce To
Leveling Up All Your Athletes

The real secret sauce, in The Ultimate 18, is found in the proper programing and exercise blending

Many coaches, trainers and parents coaching their young athletes are not educated on the best practices for optimally training their teams or athletes…

They obviously want the best for them but unfortunately they just end up frustrated by the lack of development and poor performances.

That’s why so many kids are quitting sports, getting injured and participation are dropping across the board.

Knowing the correct exercises and drills is just half the battle, what’s even more important is knowing how to put them all together.

That’s where my good friend Dr. Craig Stover comes in. He’s been in the sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation game for nearly 30 years.

Dr. Stover has professional athletes, D1 athletes and droves of local youth and high school athletes all coming to him for advice.

A long time ago he saw the need for a simple program athletes and teams could use for warm-ups, conditioners and complete workouts that could be safely and effectively done on a routine basis…

Something any athlete could quickly learn and do on their own. Any coach could learn and teach in very little time.

So he designed The Ultimate 18… It can be modified for anyone and done in just 12-15 minutes.

Easy To Use System For Any Coach
Build Athleticism, Mental Toughness and...
Ignite Passion In Athletes

Working with Dr. Craig Stover we have created a done-for-you system to use with athletes of all ages and experience levels.

Dr. Stover has boiled this program down so that you can use as a stand alone system for building athleticism, use as a warmup for practices and strength session, insert in the middle of a practice or give to your athletes to do on their own into the most important 18 exercises/drills for building overall athleticism and reducing sports related injuries throughout an entire career.

This simple 12-15 minute workout that you can do every day with your athletes or quickly train them them to do on their own…

The Ultimate 18 Video

We've shot these 18 exercises (along with bonus drills and exercises) demonstrating every exercise so it will be easy to understand and teach your athletes. You can even just show this short video to your athletes and they’ll have them mastered in a short time. Dr. Stover also included a complete follow along workout so you can see exactly how he uses this program with youth athletes.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have working with athletes. Dr. Stover presents these exercises in a way that will allow anyone to teach this workout to their athletes in just one session, with NO experience necessary.

The Ultimate 18 PDF Manual

You'll receive a highly targeted manual with greater depth about the how this program works along with a sample journal and testing protocol.

Dr. Stover has designed a set of the most important exercises for measuring athletic strength, speed, agility, and conditioning. This short list of exercises can be tested from time to time to check for gains. When your athletes see their improvements they will get more excited to stick with the program and work to climb the ladder.

What This Program Will Do For Athletes & Teams In Any Sport

  • Generate motivation and dedication
  • Boost strength, speed, flexibility and conditioning like never before
  • Inspire training consistency from the quick results and ease of use.
  • Produce excitement around working out and your program. Your athletes will love how fun and engaging it is and even start to bring friends...
  • Stop “burnout” and reduce the risk from over-training
  • Boost confidence in all your athletes, laying the ultimate foundation to developing mental toughness in today’s athletes.
  • Increase “buy-in” from athletes, coaches and parents, especially after seeing how easy the program is to customize to each athletes level
  • Lead to rapid leaps in performance that will shock opposing coaches and competitors
  • Automatically boost your athletes quickness, coordination, power and explosion.
  • Build impressive strength gains designed to instinctively translate to sports performance and prevent injuries

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Free Bonuses

F.A.S.T. Systems Nutrition Guide

Is a manual, containing the nutritional secrets to high-performance sports nutrition.

Designed to help young athletes, coaches and parents discover the ‘missing link’ between being a good athlete and being great. That’s not to say that every great athlete eats perfectly. Some are just gifted and could eat anything and still be great by virtue of other natural talents. But 90% of athletes aren’t coming close to their potential...

“When You Learn How To Eat Correctly for Sports Performance You Will Train Better And Play Better... You Are Trying To Build Your Body Into An Athletic Machine!”

Please remember that most young athletes are still growing. The nutritional demands that are placed on the body in this time of development demand increased attention to proper nutrition.

This manual is going to make it easy for you...

F.A.S.T. Speed & Agility Games

If you’re a Coach or Trainer who works with youth athletes or a parent of youth athletes, you know how much they love to play. Kids learn through playing. That’s why kids love to play games. Games are an opportunity for coaches, trainers and parents to have your youth athletes improve their long-term athleticism to maximize sports potential.

It doesn’t matter if you have 6 year old little athletes, middle school or high school athletes... Games are the key to building complete athletes that are faster, quicker, and stronger for sports.

The key is to create the right types of games to improve sports performance while building teamwork. If you have your athletes play games that develop their overall athleticism after practice or workouts, they will actually get better at their sport!

Now don’t get me wrong, you just can’t have them play some random, non-effective game (think Duck - Duck - Goose). Instead, you need to have them play games that improve their speed, balance, coordination, quickness, power, strength, flexibility and cardio.

If you have the imagination or resources to come up with effective “athlete-specific” games to increase their athleticism, good for you!

But if you don’t have the background knowledge or creativity to come up with effective games, we have something for you...

The F.A.S.T Speed and Agility Games manual is a collection of 10 simple to learn games that focus on increasing overall athleticism in youth athletes. These 10 games are easy to set up and require very little equipment too.

You’ll have a blueprint of games that prepare your athletes to become better, stronger and faster.

The Biggest Reason You Should Take Advantage of This Limited Time Offer

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F.A.S.T. Speed & Agility Games ($97 Value)

F.A.S.T. Nutrition Guide ($97 Value)

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FREE "Buy In" Bonus Guide

This One Resource Could Be The Game Changer

Youth Athlete Training - MYTH BUSTER

Parent & Coaches Guide To Benefits of Training Youth Athletes "Cheat Sheet"

STOP Battling All The Silly Myths
That Surround Training Youth Athletes...

Smash all the myths surrounding training of youth athletes with this one page cheat sheet...

Covering the biggest benefits of correctly training youth athletes as well as simple guidelines to follow...

To ensure your youth athletes are training safe, smart and most effective!

  • Coaches - Use this straightforward cheat sheet to educate parents of your athletes on the tremendous benefits of training youth athletes correctly and let them know that you know what you're doing and their athlete will be training smart and hard with you... Gaining an edge on the competition!
  • Parents - give this simple handout to any coaches that are working with your athlete, in an effort to keep them on the cutting edge of sports training specific to developing youth athletes and use it yourself if you are helping your son or daughter with their training.
  • Wouldn't it be great to instantly be able to get everyone on the same page and not have to battle the silly myths that many parents and old-time coaches still have about training youth athletes... That are ultimately holding them back from reaching their fullest potential?
  • Avoid Unnecessary Conflict Between Coaches & Parents By Quickly Educating Parents & Old School Coaches With This FREE Cheat Sheet

To get your hands on the all the training included in the “Ultimate 18 Programand all the bonuses” you would have to pay a trainer or sports performance specialist $1000's...

And to be honest you would have to cross your fingers and hope you have found a trainer with the knowledge, expertise and experience Dr. Stover has.

We want to get this game changing training into as many coaches, athletes and parents hands as possible, because we know what a dramatic affect on ANY athletes performance it can all have...

Thats why we are not going to charge $1000... not even half of that at $500 (which would be a steal for all of this training)...

Heck, since you're willing to get in on this offer today, while it's open I am willing to give you all of this for less than $100!

Yes!  Everything is $27 to the next 50 that get in...

I think that is fair... right:)

To recap, you are going to get the Ultimate 18 program, ALL the bonuses (everything delivered in digital format)...

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Total Value = $268.00



What Experts Are Saying...

Dr. Caroline Silby

Your background is so interesting coming both from the athlete side and the coaching side at that elite level, it’s really phenomenal how you’ve made use of strategies and skills that you’ve learned as an athlete and then plugged them into your coaching and mentoring of young people.  It’s cool!

Dr. Caroline Silby Sports Psychology
Mike Kuchar

I’d love to develop a relationship [with you]. It was a pleasure meeting you, and hopefully we can continue to talk. You know coaching is coaching regardless of the sport, as you know, so I’d love to pick your brain eventually at some point.

Mike Kuchar Co-Founder and Senior Research for X and O Labs
Joey Myers

My big task for coaches is to be open-minded, and think about it. Ask questions. Question what you’ve learned, what you’ve been taught. And try to find different people, like you [Daryl Weber] in wrestling or really ANY coach that is doing great things with their athletes… asking those questions, ‘What are the top 10 mistakes that coaches can make?’. Those kinds of questions need to be asked or else we get stuck in our thinking.

Joey Myers Co-Founder Hitting Performance Labs
Sam Weinman

Sounds like you’re doing great things. I’m grateful that you are.

Sam Weinman Author of the book: “Win at Losing”

I’m a Coach and It’s My Job To
Get People to Take Action…

Sometimes that might make people feel uncomfortable…  AND THAT’S A GOOD THING...

That’s where real growth happens!

Right now you’re at a crossroads…

And you’re faced with 3 very different options…

Leading you down VERY different paths…

Option 1 -

Is to leave this page without taking advantage of the opportunity I’ve presented you…  

Keep winging it and trying to figure out what’s best for your athletes on your own.

Keep putting blind faith in a new guru every-time you're frustrated with the results you're getting from your current program...

Things may or may not go well… By the time you find out, it’ll be too late and the damage may already be done.

Option 2 -

You can decide to do something to prepare yourself. You can scour the internet for hours, days, weeks, months… even YEARS!  

Read books… Try to find mentors, coaches and other experts you can trust. You might find some answers…

...but if you leave this page, you will definitely miss out on this opportunity...

Option 3 -

Just say “YES” to this absolutely RISK FREE opportunity I have presented …

Click the button below, claim all of this free PROVEN training advice by just paying the shipping and handling...

Remember, you have zero to lose… You’ll have top notch, game changing advice from experts that you can rely on, you’ll get fresh new resources each month and you can always look back on this opportunity with NO REGRET.

We Want To Take On All The Risk And
Make This A No-Brainer For Everyone

The Ultimate 18

Unlock Massive “Talent” In Every Athlete

Total Value = $268.00

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P.S. Listen, I haven’t just studied books on coaching, taken courses and went to seminars... I have lived it!  I coached high school and youth for 15 years. My program won 14 consecutive state titles while I was a coach.  I sent countless athletes  to college programs and most of all… I pride myself in the discipline and character I build in my athletes.

P.P.S. Oh, I also was an athlete under one of the greatest college coaches of all time... in any sport.  Dan Gable of the University of Iowa was my mentor and coach.  I studied him relentlessly, then went to the trenches and tailored his winning tactics for youth and high school development. I continue to work with him to this day to garner valuable insights for my programs.  

P.P.P.S Lastly, I was an NCAA Champion and 3x All-American while at the University of Iowa.  I don’t say this to toot my own horn… I say this to let you know that things weren’t handed to me.  I persevered through many struggles… I have been there and done that as an athlete and a coach… and I want to help you on your journey as a coach, athlete or parent of a young athlete.