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Nutrition Guide

Developed by Steve Preston

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What Is The Nutrition Guide
Powered By F.A.S.T. Systems?


It's a manual, containing the nutritional secrets to high-performance sports nutrition.

I wrote this manual to help young athletes, coaches and parents discover the ‘missing link’ between being a good athlete and being great. That’s not to say that every great athlete eats perfectly. Some are just gifted and could eat anything and still be great by virtue of other natural talents. But 90% of athletes aren’t coming close to their potential...

“When You Learn How To Eat Correctly for Sports Performance You Will Train Better And Play Better... You Are Trying To Build Your Body Into An Athletic Machine!” 

Please remember that most young athletes are still growing. The nutritional demands that are placed on the body in this time of development demand increased attention to proper nutrition.

This manual is going to make it easy for you...


Nutrition powered by F.A.S.T. addresses several issues like...

The Nutrition plan powered by F.A.S.T. will tell you what your athletes should be eating.  We'll even give you an extensive grocery list.

Remember, proper sports nutrition is more than just food... it’s fuel! Nutritionally-dense foods eaten in the right amounts, at the right time, are the key to keeping your athletes energized and going 100% the entire game.

Sports nutrition is also the key to recovery and recuperation from all of the hard practices, games, training, school and personal obligations.

If you want your youth athletes to maximize their potential, you MUST get the nutrition part right. Now, if you want to figure this out yourself, no problem. But please be sure to get the right information on how to set up your sports nutrition meal plans for your youth athletes... it’s so important.

We care about you and your youth athletes...

That’s why we are offering the Nutrition manual powered by F.A.S.T. for a measly $7!

You have nothing to lose! Try our risk-free Nutrition Guide powered by F.A.S.T. TODAY!

To your speed, strength and athleticism,
Steve Preston - Sports Performance Specialist

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