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The Best Speed Training
Drills and Warmups
for Youth Athletes

“How To Increase Speed, Quickness and Develop Long-Term Athleticism”

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What Is The F.A.S.T. Speed Training Drills Manual?

It’s a collection of easy-to-learn drills to improve the speed, power, quickness and reaction time in young athletes.

Most parents, coaches and trainers make the mistake of training youth athletes like adult athletes or they’re favorite professional athlete’s workout... BIG MISTAKE!

Remember, youth athletes need a different approach to increasing their speed and strength and long-term development.

The F.A.S.T. Speed Drills manual is your blueprint as a parent, coach or trainer to add a few of the most effective, fun, easy to follow speed drills to get the most out of your youth athletes.

What's Inside of The Best Speed Training Drills
and Warmups for Youth Athletes?


Simple, yet-effective warmups to get your youth athletes ready for action


Stretches that are effective for young athletes who are growing... to increase speed and quickness with increased range of motion.

Speed Drills

The best speed drills so your young athletes get fast on their feet and get to the ball faster.


A blueprint for adding these drills to your team practices or workouts.


Tips and strategies for easily adding speed and increasing athletic ability in all of your athletes.

The F.A.S.T. Speed Drills manual will make your life easier as a parent, coach or trainer who wants to increase speed and quickness in youth athletes.

We’ve cut out all of the fluff and theory, and left you with nothing but useable drills that you can use TODAY with one athlete or a team.

The best part is that you don’t even need any equipment. It’s that easy!

Listen, if you want to figure this out yourself, no problem. But please make sure that you train your youth athletes with the proper exercises, frequency, and duration to help them become faster, quicker and better athletes.

If you try to train youth athletes like adults you will waste your time at best, and hurt their long-term progress or injure them at worst.

We care about you and your youth athletes.

We want you to train them responsibly in regard to their specific growth and development stage in life.

That’s why we are offering the F.A.S.T. Speed Drills manual for a measly $7!

This is a drop in the bucket compared to the years of teaching, coaching and training experience behind these youth speed drills that you are about to discover.

Imagine how for the cost of your morning Latte you can have an easy-to-reference guide for implementing speed drills, warmups, stretches and reaction drills that will have your athletes looking forward to practice, and developing into long-term athletic success.

Although these speed drills, warmups and stretches are great for developing youth athletes, they can also be used in any age athlete... even parents, coaches and trainers.

You have nothing to lose! Try our risk-free F.A.S.T. Speed Drills TODAY
and start gaining the advantage on your competition!

To your speed, strength and athleticism,
Steve Preston - Sports Performance Specialist

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