How to consistently increase athlete's strength, speed and athleticism and skyrocket levels of performance...

The Secret To Breaking Through the
“Athletic Glass Ceiling”
Imposed on Every Athlete at Birth…

Hey there friend,

If you’ve made it this far, then you have proven you’re serious about building athleticism in your athlete(s) and know how important it is.

So I’m going to be frank and open up with you here...

You’re about to learn a hard truth today that only a handful of people have the guts to tell you:

Your own DNA will only let you make a certain amount of athletic gains…

You see, there’s a system in your body made up of specific cells, organs, and brain signals whose job is to cap your strength, speed, power and flexibility gains at a certain level…

Once you reach that level, you bump up against – what I call – your body’s “Athletic Glass Ceiling.”

Sure, this ceiling helped keep us alive and intact thousands of years ago when we were dodging sabre-tooth tigers and fighting wooly mammoths…

In The Weight Room, On The Field,
The Court Or On The Mat…

This Arbitrary Limit Only Serves To
Blunt Your Athletic Potential.

And here’s the rub…

Your “Athletic Glass Ceiling” is much lower than what your body is truly capable of achieving.

But unless you know the simple and specific training methodology that allow you to blast through and continually raise your own glass ceiling…

It’s a guarantee that you’ll plateau, and then you’ll be left in the dust of those who DO know this secret training system and use it to make astonishing gains in strength, speed, power and flexibility year-in and year-out.

You can obviously see what a competitive advantage this secret can be…

And that’s why it’s so closely guarded by elite trainers, who only divulge it to “insiders” who’ve proven by their results “in the trenches” that they know their craft.

Daryl Weber

Hi, my name is Daryl Weber and after winning an NCAA Title in Wrestling & graduating college from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Promotion, I spent four years as the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University of Iowa Wrestling Team…

During that 4 year span we won 4 NCAA Team Wrestling titles, shattered the team scoring record (that still stands) and produced some of the most well-conditioned athletes in all of D-1 sports...

But my experience is not limited to Division One athletics…

In 2000 I moved to Christiansburg VA and coached high school and youth wrestling for 15 years…  6 years as an assistant and 9 as a head coach…

During those 15 years our program broke the record for consecutive team state titles in Virginia for ANY sport, by winning 14 consecutive team titles (and still counting).

While I was coaching I met Steve Preston…

Steve is a Sports Performance Specialist that has worked with athletes of all ages and instantly I knew that “he gets it”...

Steve has been in the trenches as an Elementary School PE Teacher and has personally trained athletes of all ages and skill level for over 20 years and…Steve Preston

Steve knows how to develop athleticism in not only young athletes but he’s worked with athletes preparing for the NFL, MLB and Many Division One College Athletes…

He also understands the importance of developing strength and athleticism for boosting athletic performance, life long athleticism and keeping young athletes in sports.

You see, Steve was a high level power lifter in his day…

At one time he BROKE the Junior World Record when he Bench Pressed 480 lbs while only weighing 181 lbs…

He then went on to bench 500 lbs. while only weighing 191!

He Squatted and Deadlifted 630 lbs. while weighing only 181 lbs…

But he looks back on his days as an athlete and realizes that focusing solely on power lifting wasn’t the most effective way to increase his athletic success.

Steve and I have had long conversations about how to best strength train for better athletic performance and for life long athleticism…

During these conversations we discovered that we had both learned and been using the insider secret that I have been talking about and...

It was responsible for both of our biggest breakthroughs when it came to tapping the full potential of athletes of all ages and talent levels.

Steve and I have partnered up to develop an easy to follow blueprint that any coach or parent can use for developing the type of strength and athleticism I have been talking about in athletes of all ages and skill levels, for their entire career...

We have spent months constructing this training course that reveals the secret behind the training systems we have used for decades and other top programs use to stay ahead of the competition…

But the truth is, we both struggled for years with our athletes reaching what appeared to be their limits…

Until We Discovered And
Began Using The Secret…

It’s crazy that we both had been using the same system to tap the full potential of athletes and we were able to come together and combine all of our experience…

And package it in an easy to follow system so we can effectively pass this secret on to you!

We both experienced tremendous breakthroughs when we starting using this system of training…

Athletes whose progress had ground to a halt suddenly smashed through their body’s glass ceiling and made staggering gains in brute strength… raw power… blazing speed… and newfound flexibility…

And it all translated into more “W’s” and notoriety for our programs and training methods.

So Here’s What Steve And I Have
Decided To Do For You

Since you’ve proven you’re serious about building athleticism, the right way…

We’ve packaged together everything we know about this secret training methodology into a step-by-step system you can immediately install and start using with your athletes tomorrow.

But listen…  Because this is important!

This system is designed for athletes of any age and experience level…

It will show you how to safely progress athletes (of all ages!) to new levels of strength and athleticism as they gain the proper strength, fundamentals and foundation needed for lasting results!

So many Division One Strength Coaches are seeing athletes show up to their programs without the proper base in strength training…

Which slows down their progress for years, even though they have made it to the D1 ranks!

If these athletes would have used the secret training methodology we’ve packaged for you…

They would have been light years ahead of where they are…

And this goes for any athlete, not just the most talented.

Most athletes haven’t thoroughly laid a foundation in their tendons, ligaments and muscles for rigorous weight training…

Or they haven’t demonstrated the ability to weight train with proper form and control…

They have spent too much time attempting to specialize for a particular sport before they have laid the proper foundation of strength and athleticism.

Let me assure you, this training system is unlike anything else you’ve seen out there…

It uses the stresses of weight training in combination with precise physiological movements and specific methodologies…

All designed to sidestep your body’s system of athletic limitations and blow through your athletic glass ceiling.

But don’t worry, everything is explained in step-by-step detail and simple to understand language in the training system Steve and I have put together for you…

We Call It...

The F.A.S.T.
"Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle"…

And here’s everything you get with the system:

To start, you get the Five Core Training Modules that make up the main system.

Each module builds on the one before it to rapidly increase your strength, speed, power, flexibility and overall athleticism.

In the member’s area for each module you’ll see a map showing you exactly where you are in the progression of the system, and what’s coming next.

Along with the online member’s area, you also receive a printable PDF manual for each module so you can have it with you wherever you need it.

Now, within the manual for each module you’re given a very specific set of guidelines that detail the duration of that specific module… how many times per week to train… and how to get the most out of the workouts.

Each week is laid out in detail for you, with workouts and rest days noted.

And every workout – the exercises, sets, reps, and rest time – is completely filled in for you already.

Not only that, but with every module you also get:

Complete “Dynamic” warm-up routine and stretches to ensure your athletes are prepared for the day’s workout, to increase flexibility, and to help prevent injury…

Next, you get a selection of speed & agility and ladder drills to pick from for each workout…

Then you’ll find a series of recommended speed and agility games you can insert into any workout...

The games designed to work hand-in-hand with the workouts to build athleticism.

And games are important because when kids are playing and having fun, it doesn’t seem so much like forced “work,” so their attitudes are completely different and they actually want to join in.

They still reap the benefits that come along with the “fun” exercise, plus they’re more engaged, so it’s a win-win for everybody.

You also get a cool down routine for each workout. Cool down routines are important to speed recovery after a workout, increasing flexibility, and decrease muscle soreness…

So be sure to emphasize the cool down routine!

Finally, for some modules, there are important graduation tests at the end that athletes need to pass before they can continue to the next module.

These tests are important markers, and let you know whether an athlete is equipped for the rigors of the next training phase.

The graduation test are all based off the results athletes will document for our custom Speed, Agility & Strength Standard Charts

These charts are excellent ways to motivate athletes to constantly strive to move up the charts…

Top programs have religiously used these type of charts and standards to create enthusiasm and excitement around working out, motivating athletes to push their limits and ultimately building more physical and MENTAL strength in each of their athletes…

CertificatesYou will also have downloadable certificates that you can print, fill out and present to each athlete that graduates specific phases or reaches special milestones in our custom standards chart.

So, as you can see, the system’s completely “done for you.”

In fact, you could start using the system tomorrow if you wanted to, here’s how easy it is to do:

Log in to your members area and have your athlete(s) take the simple tests we have provided…

Which will let them know exactly which phase to start with so they don’t bypass any fundamentals and jump right into the appropriate level and challenge they are ready for, at that time...

Open the manual for the module you’ve been directed to and dive in!

It’s easy!  

-You’ll  follow the prescribed warm-up routine…

-Next, pick 1-2 specially designed drills or games from our list of speed and agility drills, ladder drill series, and list of speed and agility games that are progressively built in each module…

-Then follow the completely done-for-you strength program journal specifically designed for each phase and module (remember, the exercises, sets and reps are already filled in for you)…

-Be sure to document your results, test against our custom standards (when called for) and watch your progress!

-And finally, be sure to follow the cool down routine so you’re ready for the next workout.

Simple, right?    


More About
The Five Core Modules…

Module #1
In the first module you’ll be setting the stage for everything to come!

Using, primarily, bodyweight exercises you are going to build strength in your core, all your prime movers, boost your overall coordination and…

Ensure you have the mobility in the most essential movements needed for success in sports as well as less injuries throughout an entire athletic career.

The exercises in the first module are going to be a part of specific progressions that will be a staple of your training for your entire athletic career.

Module #2
Then in the second module it’s all about priming your entire skeletal & neuro-muscular system for the explosive gains ahead…

During this module you’ll see significant increases in not only muscular strength, but even more important... in your tendons, ligaments and joints...

All while continuing to expand your mobility and boosting your cardiovascular fitness. It’s all to get you ready for module three.

Module #3
In the third module you’ll start to see the signs of your hard work as new slabs of muscle pop out on your body… and you’ll notice a surge in your strength, speed and power.

Module #4
In the fourth module you’ll be awed by the leaps you’ll make in pure strength as you conquer (with ease) weights that you never thought would be possible for you to lift.

Module #5
In the final module, everything comes together and your speed, strength and flexibility are focused on developing raw power – power that translates into success in any sport.   

And it gets even better…

Because once you finish with module five, you be 100% certain that you have the base needed for any sport and can move into sport specific training programs

That will be grounded in the systems that you have just learned but can be tweaked successfully to address sport specific needs…

ONLY after the athletic and strength base build in the "Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle" has been completed.

This progression has been proven to result in a much less likelihood of suffering from injuries due to overuse and disproportionate training systems.

Remember, you’re getting a done-for-you blueprint proven to continually raise the level of your athletic glass ceiling and achieve this continual growth is by leveraging the specific training secrets in the precise strategic combination found in The F.A.S.T. "Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle".

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Listen To Coaches And Parents Just Like You
Who Got Results...

Easy To Understand, Results Are Marvelous!

"It's easy to receive someone's opinion about "what type of training works," but it is always wise to seek knowledge from a professional who has the educational foundation and practical experience to deliver "cutting edge" programs based on research, testing, and results. These programs written by Steve Preston do that! Each program is easy to understand, and when followed, the results are marvelous."

Lou DiCioccio, MS, MA

Gained Muscle In Just Weeks!

"Steve helped me gained 6 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks, and had a 10 strikeout shutout after ONLY 5 weeks on a program he designed for me!"

Isaiah Junkins - Pitcher

He Knows How to Develop Strength!

"Steve Preston has been doing this a long time. He knows exactly what my son needs to develop speed and strength."

Happy Father

But That’s Not All…

When you take advantage of this offer and get The F.A.S.T. "Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle" today, you’re also going to get five awesome bonuses to go with it.

Bonus #1
The Exercise Vault

Your first bonus is The "Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle" comprehensive Exercise Vault.

In the exercise vault you get all the details of every exercise and movement used in the system explained and broken down for you step-by-step.

With this handy bonus you’ll be not only be able to perform all the movements and exercises with perfect technique…

More importantly, you’ll be able to teach the movements to your athletes and correct their technique as needed.

Bonus #2
Core Blaster Series

Your next bonus is the Core Blaster.

Listen, this isn’t just some filler “abs workout” thrown in for good measure…

This is a series of athletic based core workouts, which train the area from your chest to your waist all the way around your body – not just your abs.

These workouts help develop your core in all planes of motion and help build a stable core.

A strong, stable core gives you better athletic performance, increases power and is key to helping prevent injury.

Simply add these Core Blaster workouts to your training or use them as stand alone “quick” workouts  and reap the rewards.

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Bonus #3
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Guide

Your next bonus is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Guide.

HIIT training helps keep your athletes conditioned both mentally and physically.

But while the phrase “HIIT training” gets thrown around a lot, in this guide you’re given a specific definition and workout philosophy of HIIT Training.

You’ll also get example workouts, guidelines for creating workouts, and tips for wringing the most benefit out of this type of training.

The bottom line for successful HIIT Training is this:

While the workouts should only last 30 minutes (from warm-up to cool down), to do it right your athletes must be working at 100% effort during training.

It’s both physically and mentally grueling, so you’re getting both mental and physical conditioning wrapped up in one.

And as you’ll discover, because it’s so brutal – yet amazingly beneficial – when done right, you should mix in HIIT workouts very sparingly.

Every 7-10 days is more than enough.

Working these sessions in just a limited amount will create an avalanche of physical and mental benefits for any athlete.

Bonus #4
F.A.S.T. Athlete's Nutrition Guide

Additionally, you’re also getting The "Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle" Nutrition Guide bonus.

Nutrition is an “under the radar” competitive advantage for top athletes and programs, and to be one of the best your nutrition has to be on-point.

That’s why we’ve included this nutrition guide as a bonus for you…

It covers these important topics:

  • Common Nutrition Problems… this is a quick discussion on the top nutrition problems facing athletes – especially youth athletes – today… along with their causes. This section is vital to understand and absorb.
  • What To Eat And Why… this section of the guide spells out exactly what types of food (both good and bad) that your young athletes should be eating or avoiding, and how these foods affect their body.
  • Printable Grocery List… this is a great tool inside the nutrition guide. It lists all the healthy choices for each type of food your kids should be eating. You can print this list out and take it to the store with you to make buying delicious, healthy foods a breeze.
  • Formulas For Creating High-Performance, Or Fat And Weight Reduction Meals… you’ll know exactly how many servings of each type of food to include in every meal to achieve your specific goal. Then you simply combine the healthy foods you bought in the right amounts, and you’re all set. Easy!
  • An Honest Discussion On 7 Popular Supplements For Athletes… you’ll never be confused about supplements after reading this. It details everything you need to know about the seven most popular supplements for sports today. You’ll discover which, if any, your athletes should take. Each supplement is given a grade based on its actual benefit for your youth athlete.

Bonus #5
Custom Workout Journals

Finally, you’re also going to get a downloadable Custom Workout Journal for each module that you can print out and give to every one of your athletes.

The workout journal is loaded with great features, including:

  • A Short Introductory Personalization Assessment… your athletes do a quick, three-exercise assessment at the start. This sets a benchmark for their current athleticism, and allows you to work with them to establish goals for improvement.
  • Detailed Weekly Training Schedule… the workout journal comes with every week already laid out, so you’ll be able to quickly flip to your current training week, and know exactly what’s happening with just a glance.
  • Daily Workout Log… Each training day plotted in the journal and every detail is listed, including that day’s exercise, the order to perform the exercises in, the prescribed number of sets and reps, and target rest time between sets.
  • Weekly Training Tips… each week your athletes will find a tip new in their journal. Each tip will give them one tidbit of knowledge that can make a world of difference. The more athletes are exposed to small easily consumable chunks of important knowledge… The more likely it is to sink in and become a habit! This is a simple reinforcement tool, and is a great feature of the journal.
  • An Ending Performance Test… at the end of each training phase (and occasionally in the middle), your athletes will chart their results and measure their progress with our custom Strength, Speed and Agility Standards Charts. It progressively builds off the same exercises as the introductory assessment, so you get an “apples to apples” comparison of how well your athletes are doing, and if they’ve hit – or exceeded – their goals. Seeing their progress in writing like this is another great motivating tool of the journal. You will also use these measurements to determine if they have graduated from a specific phase and are physically prepared for the next.
  • What’s Next Section… Each phase ends with a section that tells you exactly what your next step should be. Taking out all the guesswork and ensuring each athlete stays on the path that is best suited for their individual progress.

And if that wasn’t enough, just listen to this…

On top of the core system and all the extra bonuses, Steve and I decided to make getting The F.A.S.T. "Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle" even more of a no-brainer for you…

So for now we’re offering everything listed below for a ridiculously low Introductory Rate!

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Bonus #1 - Complete Exercise Vault ($197 Value)

Bonus #2 - Complete HIIT Guide ($47 Value)

Bonus #3 - Core Blaster Series ($47 Value)

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Bonus #5 - Complete Nutrition Guide ($97 Value)

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The five core modules of The F.A.S.T. "Bio-Athleticism Breakthrough Bundle"

Each module features:

Specific, printable PDF manual… warm-up routines… speed & agility drills… ladder drills… strategic games for each module… cool down routines… the easy-to-follow weekly calendar… and the fully filled-in “done for you” daily workouts…

Plus you’re also getting all these great bonuses:

The Exercise Vault… the Core Blaster workouts… the HIIT Training Guide… the Nutrition Guide… and the Custom Training Journal…

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Here’s our guarantee:

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