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For Coaches and Parents Wanting To Develop Explosive Strength & Power In Young Athletes

"45 Year Old Man Breaks Record!!
Squats Over 1000 lbs Using
Revolutionary “Explosive” Training Methods"

Best Part: The same revolutionary training methods can be safely used to boost explosive power in young athletes!

Discover How To 'Flip the Switch' and Rapidly 'Turn On' Explosive Sports Power & Strength... In Athletes of All Ages!

The year was 1986…

I had just graduated from High School and was in my 4th year of serious strength training and my second year as a competitive powerlifter.

I was extremely committed to becoming the best powerlifter. I spent a lot of time asking questions of veteran lifters, constantly picking their brains for their best secrets to rapid success…

I soaked up everything I could about the sport!

That’s when a gentleman named Dr. Fred Hatfield (AKA Dr. Squat) broke the seemingly impossible barrier of 1000 lbs. in the squat.

There were a few very interesting things about Dr. Hatfield’s accomplishment that stuck with me:

That’s when a gentleman named Dr. Fred Hatfield (AKA Dr. Squat) broke the seemingly impossible barrier of 1000 lbs. in the squat.

There were a few very interesting things about Dr. Hatfield’s accomplishment that stuck with me:

He Weighed ONLY 220lbs!

For a man to perform a 1-repetition maximum with 1000lbs in the squat seemed impossible in 1986. For that man to only weigh 220lbs made it more unbelievable..

He Was 45 Years Old

To be 45 years old in ANY sport is considered old. But to be a world record setter at that age defies logic. When most guys were succumbing to the aches and pains that life gives you when getting older, Dr. Hatfield was testing the limits of human performance.

He Performed Plyometrics Before His Squat?!

This is where things got  interesting. You see, Dr. Hatfield was a man of science. He did a lot of research and studying. He learned from Eastern Bloc competitors that he could Squat even more by jumping up and down a few times before lifting maximum weight.

Here was a 45 year old man, who weighed ONLY 220lbs, who did vertical jumps prior to being the first person on the face of the earth to Squat 1000lbs

I Was Fascinated!!

He was on to something...

If an explosive exercise such as a vertical jump could help you be stronger on a pure strength exercise such as one-repetition maximum Squat, was the opposite scenario also true?

"Could performing a heavier strength exercise prior to an explosive exercise make you more powerful and athletic?"

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

The Secret Sauce For
Developing Explosive Power
In Athletes Of Any Age

Using a precise mix of strength training exercises plus fast, explosive exercises (better known as Plyometrics) is where "The Magic" happens when developing explosive power in athletes.

When combined in the correct fashion the result is more powerful and explosive athletes.  

It works because more muscle fibers are recruited... simple as that!

But if done incorrectly, you can increase the risk of burnout, fatigue and injury

It’s very important to have a properly designed program specifically for high school athletes and below…

Over the past decades, many discoveries were made in proper programming for explosive power development in young athletes, and…

That is why it’s so important to be 100% sure you are doing things the right way!

I spent many years exploring the effects of resistance training exercises combined with fast, explosive exercises... on myself as well as athletes that I worked with.

The cool thing is that every time I trained this way or had my athletes use this method, the result was more explosive power…  Literally, EVERY TIME!

Athletes start jumping higher, running faster, exploding through crucial skills and building confidence from their increased athleticism!

The Results Come FAST!!!

I actually spent years refining my programs. I have scaled them up and down for youth athletes of any age or experience level. This gives them a program they can safely use to increase explosive power and strength.

I see great strides in these athletes, across the board!

My Athletes Were Gaining Power And Explosion For Sports...

Not just getting stronger.  It was awesome!

But as a Trainer, Teacher and Coach, I am always looking to make my programs even better.

So I did…

But let me first introduce myself before I let you know how I took my own knowledge, from the trenches and further.

Steve PrestonMy name is Steve Preston and I’m a Sports Performance Specialist and Physical Education Teacher.  

I’ve taught, coached and trained over 10,000 students and athletes.  I’m a former world-class powerlifter with a Junior World Record Holder in Bench Press and I’ve trained athletes ranging from 6 years old to the NFL.  

For over 30 years I’ve specialized in training youth athletes to increase strength, speed and conditioning results. My focus is on keeping students motivated…

I’ve discovered what works BEST for training athletes to be faster, stronger and more explosive when it comes to youth sports!

Recently, I teamed up with a good friend and colleague, Coach Daryl Weber...

Daryl and I have collaborated to create a perfect system for youth athletes to build more explosive power.  

Daryl is a former NCAA Division 1 Strength Coach and Hall of Fame High School coach…Daryl Weber

His teams won 14 consecutive state championships while he was coaching in Christiansburg, VA. Needless to say, he understands how to build athleticism, power and strength in athletes of all ages…

You don’t string together that many State Championships (which is the standing record in VA for any sport) without knowing how to develop the mind and body of your athletes from top to bottom.

I took the programs I developed for EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH & POWER and combined it with some fascinating ideas and strategies Coach Weber used over the years and…

We developed an easy to follow, safe and super effective system with something for all levels of athletes.

We carefully selected the right exercise complexes that are proven to work over and over.

Remember, this isn’t some flimsy program based off some theory we heard on a new podcast or built after reading the latest best seller on strength training...

Developed "In The Trenches"
To Safely Produce

Designed, tweaked and tested for decades… and proven to rapidly develop the power and explosion needed to succeed in sports.

I know what you're thinking: "My athletes aren't the gifted ones who succeed at everything…”

“My athletes won't be able to do increase their explosive power and speed for sports!" -You couldn't be more wrong...

In fact, your athletes are absolutely missing out on an opportunity to transform their sports success and become so much stronger and faster while competing.

It's all about using strength training in a way that helps maximize the muscle involvement and converting your strength into explosive power…

It’s all about moving the needle forward on every athlete you deal with… Tapping the full potential in each individual!

Just going to the gym and pumping out a few sets of squats, bench presses and curls isn't going to cut it. We are talking about a scientifically proven system of training that super-charges your explosive power while building total athleticism at the same time.


F.A.S.T. 4 Week
Power Performance Program

Develop Explosive Power in Youth Athletes

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POWERED BY: F.A.S.T. Systems

Foundational-Athletic-Sports-Training Systems

What's Inside:

Online Access To The Complete Program
In The Exclusive Members Area...

You'll have a easy-to-use Dashboard with video coaching through every part of the program:

"Getting Started" Video - You'll get detailed coaching on exactly how to get started.  It's like having your own personal Strength Coach as you get coached with simple steps to make sure your athletes have success.

"How To Use" Video - You'll know what to click and when while using the Members Dashboard after watching our How To Use video.  It's your simple steps to find any part of the program you desire.  No stone is left un-turned, and you'll feel confident about getting to any part of the program you choose with just a simple click.

"Before You Start" Video - You'll want to watch this before you begin training.  This is chocked full of tips to prepare you for ultimate success with building explosive power for sports.  Not to be missed.

"Training" Video - This is the "meat and potatoes" of the program.  You'll get full video coaching on the training system.  You'll discover not only how to perform the program... but why.  You'll feel like you and Coach Steve Preston are sitting down talking about the program.  You'll feel empowered to be your own coach and get the best training results from your athlete/s.

"What's Next" Video -  You might want to save this one until the end of the program.  It's your solution to the question of "what comes next?"  It's your logical, motivating solution towards building the perfect athlete for any sport.  Check it out!

Finally, you'll have full access to the Exercise Vault.  Each exercise in the program comes with a simple, click and view video.  You'll know how each exercise should be performed.  Discover the exercise form and performance tips to take your athletes training to the next level.

Remember, function follows form.  You'll have your own video coaching library to excel! It's easy to get started with the completely done for you F.A.S.T. 4 Week Power Performance system too! 

Designed To Be Easy-To-Use!!!

The system’s completely “done for you.”

In fact, you could start using the system tomorrow if you wanted to, here’s how easy it is to start using the workouts:

  • First, follow the prescribed warm-up routine... every exercise list listed and comes with a follow along video, so you know exactly how to be prepared to have a great workout every time!
  • Then follow the completely done-for-you power performance program journal specifically designed for increasing your explosive power for sports (remember, the exercises, sets and reps are already filled in for you)…
  • Be sure to document your results, test against our custom standards (when called for) and watch your progress!
  • And finally, be sure to follow the cool down routine so you’re ready for the next workout. Simple, right?

How Much Will All Of This Cost?

To train with us personally would be an investment of at least $150/hour.  Unfortunately, neither Daryl or I provide many one-on-one coaching sessions these days...

Due to other obligations and tight schedules.  

That’s why we created this online, downloadable, easy-to-follow system for coaches, parents and trainers who want to build speed and agility.  

If you add up all of the hours spent creating the best system possible it could easily sell for $500

But we want to have this explosive power system in the hands of as many serious parents, coaches and trainers as possible because we believe in the success of young, aspiring athletes.

So, you're not going to pay anywhere near that TODAY!

BUT, You Haven't Seen Everything Yet!
Here Are The FREE Bonuses You'll Get...


The Athlete's Nutrition Guide

If you want to maximize your strength, speed, power and sports performance you have to fuel your body correctly. This guide will help you figure out exactly what to eat, how much and when to maximize your training results so that your sports performances are consistently better.

If you're serious about building the best athletes possible you MUST get proper nutrition.  This guide will help your athletes build lean muscle tissue, increase energy levels, and recover from training, practice or games.

Your athletes will know what to eat before practices and games so that they are loaded with strength and energy.

They'll know what to eat after practice or games for recovery and recuperation.

You'll even discover what to eat 2 days before competition in order to keep your muscles full of sports power.

Boost overall sports performance and athleticism with your blueprint to sports nutrition.


101 Tips for Athletes Guide

This is your library of strength, speed, conditioning and nutrition tips for athletes. It's like having 101 Tips to Maximize Sports Performanceyour own sports performance coach. Apply just a few of these tips and watch your sports performances and overall athleticism go through the roof.

The best part is that there are tips for every coach, parent and athlete in here.  It's a gold-mine of usable "gold nuggets" that you can use whenever you want to improve some aspect of your sports performance.

You'll discover little-known tips for increasing speed, building sports strength, developing explosive power, throwing harder, building quickness, increasing energy, reducing injuries... and so much more!

Just think, if you only use 3 of the tips in this entire manual you'll be a much better athlete for it.  This manual can't be found anywhere else!



F.A.S.T. Speed Training Drills8 F.A.S.T. Speed Training Drills for Youth Athletes

This is a collection of 8 highly-effective speed training drills any coach, parent or trainer can use with youth athletes.

-Increase foot speed and quickness so that they can run faster and move like an athlete.

-Develop the ability to change speeds so that your athletes can perform better on the field or court.

-Improve 'change of direction' in your athletes so that they can get to the ball faster.

-Increase athleticism in your athletes by teaching them to move in different 'planes of motion.'

It's all right here for you in this manual.

You'll get the exact drills and exercises to build blazing-fast youth athletes and better sports performances!

This manual includes 10 crucial tips to train safe so that your athletes keep improving while reducing non-impact sports injuries.

You'll get speed training tips that are immediately usable as well as tips to ensure more speed improvements down the road.

You'll get Warm-Ups that have been strategically designed so that your athletes will improve their speed before they even get started.  This warm-up will prepare them to move with more speed, range of motion and power.

You'll get Dynamic Stretches that will 'wake up' your athletes' muscles to further prepare them to run faster.  They will learn some of the strategies that some of the world's fastest athletes use in order to increase running speed and quickness.

You'll get Speed Drills that are put together so that your athletes increase their overall sports speed... AND have fun while they are doing it.  These drills are challenging yet fun and effective.  The best part is that they don't require much, if any, equipment to perform.

Total Value:

4 Week Power Performance Program ($97 value)

Bonus #1 - Nutrition Guide ($47 value)

Bonus #2 - 101 Sports Performance Tips ($27 value)

Bonus #3 - Speed & Agility Tips ($47 value)

Total Value = $218.00

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ONLY $37!

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TOTAL VALUE - $218.00


JUST $37

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The Y.A.T. (YouthAthlete.Training)
60 Day “Iron Clad” 100% Guarantee

That’s right, if you’re not completely satisfied with our proven explosive power development program for youth athletes...

We’ll refund every penny of your hard-earned money... no questions asked.  

If you follow our system as outlined, your athletes will make fantastic gains in explosive power... And they will have fun while doing it.

Then if for any reason – or no reason at all – you’re not completely satisfied, just email to let us know, and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded.

All the risk is on us, and The F.A.S.T. Explosive Power Development System to deliver the goods – you’ve got nothing to lose!

Your F.A.S.T. Explosive Power training system is an immediately downloadable program. You can download it now and get started today. And remember, it’s 100% guaranteed.

Yours in Speed,

-Steve Preston
Creator of the “F.A.S.T. Explosive Power” Training System

Steve Preston

P.S. - Thousands of people just like you are already benefitting from my F.A.S.T. Explosive Power training system. Now it's your turn... You've got nothing to lose!

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