My Favorite Exercise To Build Speed and Quickness In Youth Athletes

When it comes to working with youth athletes and training them to be faster, quicker and more athletic, you must choose the best “bang for your buck” exercises.

Youth athletes want to have fun and any time you can add a little competition or game-like element to their training you will have more success.

One exercise that I always include in the training programs of youth athletes is the Scramble to Balance exercise.

The Scramble to Balance drill is great for building speed, leg strength, quickness, balance, power and reaction time all at the same time 🙂

Speed, leg strength, quickness, balance, power and reaction time are all important factors in complete athlete development.  This cool exercise/drill bri ngs them all together for you.

Exercise - Person Lie Down

Here’s how to do the Scramble to Balance:

  1. Have athlete lie face down on the floor with arms and legs extended.  (they should be in a Superman position)
  2. The coach/trainer/parent will either call out a signal or blow a whistle.  The athlete will react to the signal.
  3. The athlete scrambles up to balance on one leg as quickly as possible.
  4. Hold the balance on the leg for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Have athlete lie back down and repeat.  5-8 times on each leg are sufficient.
  6. Add variety in this drill by having the athlete close their eyes when they jump up to one leg.

Exercise - scramble to standingThis drill can also be done with a visual cue for your athletes.  You can stand in front of them while they are in Superman position and perform a hand signal for them to begin.  The whistle or call-out helps build their auditory reactions, while the hand signal improves their visual reactions.

The Scramble to Balance drill is an all-time favorite of mine because it can be done anywhere, with no equipment, with an entire team and it works for building speed and quickness.

Be sure to add this one to the training program of your youth athletes… or any athletes for that matter.  This drill is perfect for any age, level, experience or sport.

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