Developing Youth Athletes Into
Winners In Sport & Life
Fun. Passion. Confidence. Burning Desire

Step One: Foundational Strength & Athleticism

F.A.S.T. 8 Week Complete Foundation Training Program

Four modules covering all the strength, speed, agility, and nutrition information you need to know to build athleticism in your kids.
Each module is designed with three unique components – one for elementary school, one for middle school and one for high school aged trainees…
This way, you can train your kids regardless of age or experience, and continue to use the system as they progress through their sporting career.

Duration: 8 Week Program
Designed For: Each level (Elementary, Middle School & High School) has its own 8 week Foundational Program for Overall Strength and Athleticism

Step Two: Complete Periodization System For Any Athlete

Five Phase Complete Athlete System

Showing each athlete exactly where they need to safely and effectively start their strength and athleticism journey and how to progress with with maximum gains in flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, quickness, crisp directional change, endurance, strength, power, and explosiveness.  This comprehensive program and be used throughout an entire athletic career.  Follow the different phases (Bodyweight Mastery Phase, Athletic Preparation Phase,  Athletic Muscle Building Phase, Max Sport Strength Phase & Power Performance Phase) as well as the graduation system, standards charts, guide for in-season training and much more.

Duration: Five 4-8 week phases that can be progressively used throughout an entire athletic career.

Designed For: All levels and ages as well as athletes interested in any sport.

What Makes YouthAthlete.Training Different?

When it comes to achieving long term athletic development and true success in sports most people aren’t sure where to start and often waste valuable time focusing on the wrong areas. Our experts reveal the driving forces behind effectively developing character and teaching life lessons through youth sports. Learn how top coaches and sports experts develop confidence, increase athleticism and battle performance anxiety by using training strategies and systems that have been developed in the trenches as well as scientifically proven.