Focus On These Topics To Help Your Athlete Take It To The Next Level

Youth Athlete Training had the privilege to speak with Amonzo Gantt Sr. Author of the book Understanding the Next Level: How to Prepare for Your Future.

Amonzo Gantt

Amonzo played basketball and graduated from North Greenville University where he scored over 1,000 points in his career and had over 600 rebounds.

The interview discussed each chapter of his book, and during this interview, three topics stood out the most.

1) The  Vision: Amonzo discusses the NCAA’s three divisions and breaks down how many kids actually go onto play college sports.

2) Keys to Success: Amonzo speaks about GPA,SAT, and ACT Scores. He also talks about what college recruiters are looking for in a student athlete. What kind of person are you? How competitive are you?

3) Work Ethic: Amonzo tells his own story of how he worked hard and got stronger to earn a starting position on his college basketball team. He speaks about dedication and the commitment it takes to play at the next level.  

Amonzo also discusses more topics we feel very strongly about at Youth Athlete Training. One of them is keeping your team motivated so they don’t lose interest!

Another topic Amonzo discusses is how he keeps practice fun and keeps his team engaged. This seems to be a big issue with some of our members.

And finally, Amonzo tells us how he builds confidence and mental toughness with his teams. 

This is something all coaches should do!

This is just a small sample of the insights that Amonzo Gantt shared with us. The entire interview is hosted in the Youth Athlete Academy

For more about Amonzo Gantt and what visit his website at

Want to buy the book? Visit or click here to purchase:  The Next Level:  How To Prepare For Your Future