Phase Training To Build Faster, Stronger, Better Youth Athletes

Once again I was watching a youth athlete team and surprised at the actions of the coaches in regard to building their skills, athleticism and enthusiasm. This team had lost a game the day before… and the coaches weren’t happy. The coaches spent the first half of practice wearing the kids out with straight cardio … Read more

1 Thing That Is Preventing Your Youth Athletes From Being Faster!

By Steve Preston, Sports Performance Specialist If you’re a coach or parent of youth athletes you understand the “need for speed” in your athletes. Speed on the field, court or track is the game-changer for athletic success. I admire coaches and parents who consistently work with their youth athletes in order to help build them … Read more

3 Tips To Increase Explosive Power In Athletes

By Steve Preston, Sports Performance Specialist Many athletes are strong but lack power.   Other athletes are powerful but lack explosive strength.   If an athlete is going to excel at sports they need to be able to build strength and then convert strength to explosive power. Simply put, explosive power refers to an individual’s … Read more

5 Tips to Build Speed and Agility In Youth Athletes

Wondering how to increase speed and agility in youth athletes? Frustrated with youth athletes lack of motivation and ability to stick with a program? Athletes need a jump-start to increase their sports performance? You may have answered yes to one, two or all three of these questions. I want to give you five quick tips … Read more