Phase Training To Build Faster, Stronger, Better Youth Athletes

Once again I was watching a youth athlete team and surprised at the actions of the coaches in regard to building their skills, athleticism and enthusiasm. This team had lost a game the day before… and the coaches weren’t happy. The coaches spent the first half of practice wearing the kids out with straight cardio … Read more

1 Thing That Is Preventing Your Youth Athletes From Being Faster!

By Steve Preston, Sports Performance Specialist If you’re a coach or parent of youth athletes you understand the “need for speed” in your athletes. Speed on the field, court or track is the game-changer for athletic success. I admire coaches and parents who consistently work with their youth athletes in order to help build them … Read more

3 Tips To Increase Explosive Power In Athletes

By Steve Preston, Sports Performance Specialist Many athletes are strong but lack power.   Other athletes are powerful but lack explosive strength.   If an athlete is going to excel at sports they need to be able to build strength and then convert strength to explosive power. Simply put, explosive power refers to an individual’s … Read more

All Arrows Point to Success

My name is Sonny Close. I am the Head Coach at CDBWC, working with both Virginia Elite and the high school wrestling team. Coach Weber asked me the secret to my success. Here is my Pyramid of Success. I hear you saying, “Yeah, but we play baseball, or basketball or… How can a Wrestling Coach help me?” These are … Read more

Teaching Mental Toughness – 7 Steps

-by Hall of Fame High School Coach Daryl Weber In Part 1 of this series “Lies to Ungifted Athletes,” we dispel several myths we are led to believe about youth training… If you missed it take a look at it here. What’s your favorite sports movie? Any Given Sunday? Rudy? I like Rocky. You remember the … Read more

Stop Lying to Your “Ungifted” Athletes – Part 1

-by Hall of Fame High School Coach Daryl Weber More than any other topics, I hear coaches and parents struggle with increasing mental toughness and speed in youth athletes. These struggles often lead to frustration and a philosophy that athletes are either “gifted” with Mental Toughness or Speed and if they are not… They can … Read more

Should Youth Athletes Lift Weights?

We have come a long, long way in regard to training athletes for optimal sports performance… There was a day when athletes were forbidden to lift weights because their coaches thought it would slow them down and make them slow. So they had their athletes compete in their sport without doing any strength training… WOW! … Read more

Practice or Play? 6 Practice Games to Increase Speed and Agility

What do all kids, puppies and kittens have in common? They love to play! It’s an age thing… When we are young we have an abundance of energy. When we’re young we want to be active and playful as much as possible. This is why “playing” should be part of any youth athlete’s training plan. … Read more

Complete Blueprint For Speed Development & Athlete Engagement

Are you a parent, coach or trainer who works with youth athletes?  If so, I know you want to improve their speed and quickness.  The athlete who can get to the ball the fastest is the one who helps the team win. Youth athletes are unique in their stage of growth and development, and their … Read more

My Favorite Exercise To Build Speed and Quickness In Youth Athletes

When it comes to working with youth athletes and training them to be faster, quicker and more athletic, you must choose the best “bang for your buck” exercises. Youth athletes want to have fun and any time you can add a little competition or game-like element to their training you will have more success. One … Read more

How To Increase Speed and Quickness In Youth Athletes

Are you interested in learning how to improve the speed and performance of your youth athletes, while minimizing injuries? Of course you are… Well, I have a simple little exercise, or perhaps I should say “exercise pattern” that I want to share with you today.  This exercise pattern is a must to include in a … Read more